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I don’t know how it happened, but somehow in my fondness for geekery in old Britcoms and books, I missed out on some more recent cult classics. I have been schooled in the ways of Firefly, an awesome but short-lived Joss Whedon show. It doesn’t hurt that Nathan Fillion (Mal Reynolds, also seen on Castle) was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Plus his backside makes a glorious naked appearance in the episode Trash (not titled such because of the butt-shot, I assure you).

So I’ve watched all 14 episodes, only about 11 of which aired on Fox before it was canceled, to the chagrin of the fans that have made it a cult classic. And the movie, Serenity, made to tie up some loose ends and give us a sense of closure.

It’s a great show. Seriously, amazing. All the essential archetypes are in there, there’s drama, comedy, romance, and some surprising sci-fi type stuff.  And it’s well-written. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to care about the characters, which I don’t often do. And if you dig the whole “good guys doing what they have to to survive against the evil ruling power” thing, it’s perfect.

I wish the show had lived longer. The movie didn’t do it for me. But the following it still has blows my mind! Tribute songs, and a zillion people making copies of a handmade hat that made an appearance in one episode. (I have to admit, I’m making one for the friend who insisted that I watch the show).

Here’s a copy of Mal’s Song, a  medley of Firefly Main Title by Joss Whedon, © TCF Music Pub., Inc., and Mal’s Song by Michelle Dockrey. Performed, somewhat poorly, by yours truly.

I’ll leave you with this: WATCH FIREFLY!!!


~ by Trillian on 10/09/2010.

One Response to “Geekery Level Up!!”

  1. Great series! I watched all the episodes when it was still on the air. I loved the grittiness of the show and the subtle humor between the characters. FireFly was and is the type of realistic science fiction I enjoy immensely and I missed the series when it came to an end.

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