Cunning Hat (Geekery Level Up 2!)

Egads. My second Firefly related post in a row. I have been corrupted. One of my friends responsible for my Firefly indoctrination requested a Cunning Hat, as worn by Jayne in The Message episode. I, being the kind and generous person that I am, scoured the internet for a crochet pattern for the hat. No such luck. All of the patterns I found that looked at all accurate were knitted. I can’t knit. So I made up my own pattern. There was much cursing, unraveling, and the ever constant counting of stitches and rows.

After all the drama, however, I ended up with a fairly decent hat, which will be sent to it’s rightful owner today. I am not posting my pattern, if I had to figure it out, so does everyone else. I’m not that generous and obliging. But here are a couple of pictures, low res as they may be, of the Cunning Hat!

I’m rather proud of myself. And as for the slight goofiness of the hat, look at the original, and keep in mind the lighting on the show is not real light, so the colours show up weird. other shots of the hat in real life show them to be more like mine.


~ by Trillian on 10/12/2010.

4 Responses to “Cunning Hat (Geekery Level Up 2!)”

  1. Well done!


  2. Ha! A truly ‘cunning’ hat! And great eye-liner.

  3. that is one bitchin’ hat 😀

    the patterning seems to be spot on, though yours seems to have a more pronounced rim than the original

    • Thanks! I really tried to be as accurate as possible, but the conversion from knitting to crochet did leave me a little stumped. I’ll have to try something a little different the next time, see if I can get it a little closer to perfect! ^_^

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