How Do Alberta Girls Get Guns?

I’ve been thinking about guns rather a lot, recently. Which isn’t surprising, considering that it’s kind of hard to grow up in Northern Alberta without exposure to hunting. I remember my uncles and dad going out hunting, leaving me at my Auntie’s house, bleary-eyed at 5 in the morning, stunned that farm life was already underway.

Not that I have the urge to spend freezing cold early morning hours waiting to take down critters. But I think that learning to shoot would be cathartic and fun. There are clubs and ranges around here, and I’ve been thinking about just wandering into one and saying “anybody want to teach me about guns?”. And it would be a good way to make contacts with people who could supply me with fresh game.

I don’t think that I’ll be purchasing a firearm anytime soon, but I sure would go out and get a permit if somebody were to give me this beautiful creation, the Kimber 1911 Centennial Edition:


I want it. I’m not super crazy about the grips, but just look at it!!! And it would be legal in Alberta, though restricted.

The Canadian laws regarding firearms are a little confusing. A lot confusing, really. And the RCMP site is a little difficult to navigate, though not as bad as I had expected.  Though that could just be me. I found a site that explains it rather nicely.

  1. Pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (CFSC) test. Don’t worry it’s both fun and easy, few people have trouble with this. It’s not like a High School maths final, it’s based on what’s in the books.
  2. Get an appropriate photo and three references
  3. Fill out a simple form… asking about your financial history and romantic life
    (no seriously they really do ask about your finances and love life)
  4. Mail in the form
Estimated RPAL Costs
One day CFSC class $75
One day CRFSC class $75
Photo from a store $15
License application fee $80
Postage $0.57
Total $245.57


At least registration happens when you buy a gun, and it isn’t a massive ordeal. but still.

For anyone who is having a major freak out at the thought of a firearm in my hands, don’t worry, I’m just thinking about them, and learning about the processes involved in getting them. I remember hearing my uncles getting upset about changing laws a long time ago, and my curiosity has just kicked in as to what that really means.

And there you have it. Done. I know nothing about guns. but some of them are purty. ^_^


~ by Trillian on 10/16/2010.

6 Responses to “How Do Alberta Girls Get Guns?”

  1. A Kimber like that is beautiful, but if you want to learn to shoot I’d suggest starting with a .22 pistol. They’re affordable to buy, and even good quality ammunition is still cheap. Once you can shoot straight, then you can get the most out of ammunition for larger calibers. They’re fun but it’d be expensive to learn to shoot that way. Are there any shooting clubs near you? Anyone who is there wants to be there, and they could either answer questions or point you to the right person.

    You’ll have a lot to learn, but it is like driving: Once you learn how to change gears and the rules of the road, you’ll find it is a lot of fun!


  2. Come to Montana. “My house is protected by God … and a gun.” A country song I have adopted as my creed. Also…a local internet provider is offering a gun free with hook-up. Dang…and I went with Qwest. My baby can’t dance with his toes shot off (by accident of course).

  3. a pistol like that would certainly need a lot of babying. i’d probably be afraid to shoot it because i wouldn’t want it to get dirty

    • The perils of pretty things. Though I probably wouldn’t mind taking the time to keep it beautiful. Definitely more of a piece of eye candy than a practical possession, for sure.

  4. If I had 4k just laying around to buy one of Kimbers, I would.

  5. Very nice looking gun!

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