David and Goliath

I saw a David and Goliath battle on the street the other day, but there were no armies and David was losing.

Mob mentality was at its finest, and the only people paying attention were Goliath’s girlfriend and me. The sidewalk was packed, and there were plenty of people behind the 15 foot storefront windows that served as backdrop for this drama.

David hit the ground, and Goliath’s steel-toed boot hit David, and I realized that perhaps I was actually David, and this Philistine was mine to slay.

I put myself between them, and stood over the tiny figure on the ground, my arms and legs spread wide, like a cat arching its back to look bigger.

I had to tilt my head back to see the face of the giant and assess in a moment his reaction to this turn of events.

He towered over my 5 feet, 10 inches. His eyes were glazed, bloodshot, and burned with animal rage. His breath, ragged and foul, would surely have put him over the legal limit for walking, never mind driving.

It seemed that the introduction of a girl into the scene generated some public interest. A bystander asked “Do you want me to call 911?” Had I not been otherwise engaged, I’m sure I would have said more than “yes, please.”

I, of course, had no sling or stones with which to take down this brute. So I bellowed “HEY!!” to distract him from his target, and tried to convince him that he had successfully avenged himself for whatever offense the cringing creature on the pavement had perpetrated.

With the impending arrival of authorities, Goliath’s girlfriend persuaded him to go. The very few who had found the scene worthy of a few minutes’ attention dispersed.

And I knelt, beside the quaking, bruised, and bleeding street kid I had met that morning, his face almost unrecognizable. I cradled him in my arms, his oh-so-small frame across my knees, a curbside Pietà, and he wept.

I wondered how long it had been since someone had held him, and knew I never would again, that this moment was as impermanent as the rescuing of a sparrow from the clutches of a cat.

And I think now….

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. Matthew 10:29, KJV

{Whyte Ave, Edmonton Alberta… about 5 years ago I hit the street with a backpack of water, juice, and food – you learn about not giving money when some of your best friends are street kids by choice – and met a sweet kid in front of Chapters. We talked for a while, then I walked on. On my way back, he was under attack.}


~ by Trillian on 10/19/2010.

One Response to “David and Goliath”

  1. Love the Pieta reference. Way to go David.

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