The sand shifts beneath my feet,

crumbles and falls away.

Why did I think I needed it between me and the Rock?

So I fall, the debris of my makeshift shelter

falling around me.

How pitiful it seems,

the ruin of what  thought would cover me.

How desperate I have been for control,

grasping handfuls of trash to build myself a shack.

I’m ashamed of myself, my arrogance,

to have placed so much trust in my own flawed plans.

It is humbling to fall from the height I tried to reach.

I’m sure there will be bruises.

But I’ll stay face down on this Rock,

and leave no space between us.


~ by Trillian on 10/27/2010.

2 Responses to “Stability?”

  1. The one who the Rock falls on – will be crushed. But the one who choses to fall on The Rock – will be broken – and then wondrously reborn. A. P. Las Vegas, NV

  2. Evocative. Its a bit inane to say “I like it,” but you’ve managed to mesh your personal experience with an old metaphor. And I do like it.

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