Optimism, I Haz It!!

Today my day was blog-worthy by a quarter to three. Really. I had an appointment at the hospital, routine, nothing special there, and had parked on the side of the building. Parking there is almost always full, but I rarely actually see people there. So, on this lovely sunny day, t-shirt weather, for sure, I hop into my car, and it is dead. As a doornail. Power locks won’t even work. The battery is about seven months old, the car has survived weeks of minus thirty without needing a boost, and it’s dead.

I get out, and see someone I know, and tell him about my predicament, including the fact that I have no jumper cables, having cleaned out my trunk. He has none either. A cold fist grips my heart, but before panic can set in, he shows up.

Handsome and well-dressed, good hair and a gorgeous smile, he walks up to me and says “Did you say your car was dead?” And it was music to my ears. Note: he had walked out of his way to come help me. He actually had cables, and helped me back my car out to where he could hook them up. Within mere moments, my car is running as smoothly as ever.

I got out of my car to thank him profusely, hoping that I was actually speaking English, and as I got ready to drop the hood, he laughs. My battery contacts are ridiculously loose, which is why I had no power. Smiling, he gets back into his car and says I might get really lucky – at which point my heart about exploded, and I’m sure I blushed – because he had a hex wrench. Not the right size, but he tried.

Thank you, good-spirited Good Samaritan, for your sense of humour, and for not mocking me. Thank you for smiling and going out of your way when you overheard my plight. Thank you for actually noticing the real problem and pointing out how to fix it, and for assuming I was competent enough to do it. And thanks for being hot. That helped. I am so very glad that I took the time to put on a bit of makeup and do my hair before leaving the house. Today is a good day.


~ by Trillian on 10/29/2010.

4 Responses to “Optimism, I Haz It!!”

  1. Guys: Be that guy.


  2. Awesome! A Good Samaritan, who’s hot, to boot! You lucky thing!

  3. awwww, you sound so cute when you’re excited about something.
    Sounds like a bad day turned well

    • ^_^ Thanks! It definitely had the potential to be a bummer of an afternoon, but I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome!

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