I promise that this will be my last self-indulgent post for a while, I was going through some documents, and found some stuff I wrote a little while ago. I kind of like it. Since my brain is seemingly reluctant to come up with anything new today, I’ll inflict this on my readers instead. Thank you for humouring me, and trust that there will be better posts ahead.


with the taste of bliss still on my lips, my cup of wine has turned to vinegar.
how thirstily I drank it,
allowed myself to become drunk,
savoured the sensation, the sweetness,
let the warmth permeate my being.
it has soured, stings my lips,
left my throat parched and tight.
the greatest pleasure leaves the greatest pain in its absence.
tasting the sweet makes the sour unbearable.
is it better to never reach great heights,
to spare one’s self the imminent fall?
maybe mediocrity is the safest way,
no highs or lows, no disappointment.


there’s an oasis in my desert.
a source of relief and refreshing,
and He brings me joy and peace,
when I remind myself to ask.
why, then, do I languish?
because I fear reaching for him and grasping nothing,
despite all the times He’s been there to take my hand.

Thank you for your patience, for putting up with me, and I hope you can look past this to posts to come that will be more like the Trillian you know and love ^_^


~ by Trillian on 11/06/2010.

2 Responses to “Failure”

  1. I agree, write for you, not for anyone else.


  2. Don’t worry about self-indulgence…it’s YOUR BLOG! Post whatever you like, whatever you feel the need to post, and it’ll be just fine.

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