Who’s on my blogroll?

So, some of you may have noticed that I’m building a wee blogroll on the right sidebar β†’.

Who are these people, and why should you visit their blogs? Let me start with a few introductions, and eventually you’ll be more than eager to click the links and catch up on what they’ve posted.

Bayou Renaissance Man

Where do I start? I met him in an IRC chat that we both frequent, and have been intrigued by the unique entity that is Peter. He has an odd, sometimes obscure sense of humour, a quick wit, is an articulate conversationalist, a veritable fount of knowledge from time to time, and a decent human being that has seen the world from a vantage point that I both envy, and am glad to have never experienced. the roles he has played in life astound me, as do the things he and other veterans have to contribute to the global conversation that is the internet. I never come away from reading Peter’s blog without feeling something, be it amused, challenged, or deeply moved. If you found me through his reciprocal blobroll, you know what I mean. If not, GO!!


JayG is… is JayG. In his own words, he is a “Dad, gun nut, motorhead, shaved-head biker with a foul mouth and a bad attitude. Foolishly clinging to the notions of self-reliance and free will in the land of the perpetual nanny…” What he leaves out of his mini-bio is the fact that he is knowledgeable, and intelligent, and has a passion for what he talks about. Granted, you will find gun-nuttery, and the occasional rant, and the links to episodes of VC are not for the faint of heart, you have been warned. He doesn’t need a plug from me to boost his following, he does just fine, but I think that those who haven’t checked him out really should. He’s funny, quirky, sometimes ragey, but a good guy with something to say. And he sticks to his guns, literally and metaphorically. I appreciate consistency.

Okay, go, read, bookmark and follow. You may not agree with everything they have to say, but if you don’t check out how other people think, and examine your own thoughts on the issues discussed, you’ll forget how to articulate and defend your own point of view.


~ by Trillian on 11/14/2010.

5 Responses to “Who’s on my blogroll?”

  1. There’s a mighty large number of good gun bloggers out there. But if you haven’t noticed, we’re quite an incestuous bunch (blog-wise). Find one of us, you find all of us. We form our own little demographic of the internets

  2. Believe it or not Peter was the first blogger I ever read; he had a video up I was looking for, after watching that I read a little and then I started from the beginning and read all of it!


  3. I’m just giving you a hard time. I just discovered I don’t even have you on my roll. Off to fix that.

  4. You seem to have forgotten some folks…. πŸ˜›

    • Very true. I thought that two at a time would be the most manageable way to tackle the project, especially since I think I’ll be adding to my blogroll soon. ^_^ Perhaps I should have prefaced the post with that.

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