Cunning Hat #3

Cunning Hat #3. Commissioned by JayG of MArooned. His noggin is huge. I changed a couple of thinge: the brim, and the way the earflaps are attached. I think this might be the final pattern for the Cunning Hat. I’m stoked. If you want one, I will make you one, email me (info in my profile) and we can talk sizes and such! I can convert regular hat sizes to Cunning Hat sizes.

I love this hat!!

You can see how the flaps are sewn to the bottom edge of the brim, where on previous hats, they were sewn inside. This way, they’re a little longer without extra rows, and the inside of the hat is smoother. pardon the Zoolander face, I made some strong coffee this morning and am in a rather odd mood ^_^


~ by Trillian on 11/20/2010.

5 Responses to “Cunning Hat #3”

  1. How cool! Another gunny that knits!!! Or is it another knitter with guns!! There are not a whole lot of us out there!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! There are far too few of us with diverse interests, but we are out here! We’ve just got to get people to put down their guns or yarn and blog!

  2. I do like this thread/
    And I would like one too please/
    Can’t find your e-mail.


  3. More oooooh.

  4. Ooooooh…

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