New Cool Person!

It’s always fun to find someone who shares some of your interests. My most recent Cunning Hat post elicited a comment from just such a person. So, I’d like to introduce you to Warrior Knitter.

There are absolutely stunning pieces of knitwork to admire and goggle over (I find myself thinking “someone actually made that? by hand?) Like this gorgeous Red Flemish Lace Scarf. My mind reels.

For those with no keen interest in yarn crafts, she has a store of humourous pictures and quotes, and links to a lot of interesting blogs and sites that I adore. There be geekery here too, methinks.

Here’s her little “About Me” blurb:

I’m still a huge Xena fan, aka a Xenite and / or a hardcore nut ball. The link headers are Xena episodes. I also sail a 23′ boat on a local lake and shoot nice little round holes in perfectly good paper targets with my own reloaded ammo. I shoot regularly in a defensive pistol league [IDPA — I’m now a Safety Officer] & take all the firearms classes I can. Oh, and I knit, too. Battle on!

I’m a fan! And I think you should be too!!


~ by Trillian on 11/23/2010.

One Response to “New Cool Person!”

  1. WoW! Thank you! Just stopped by to check in and there I am. Thanks for the plug!

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