Lookit how cute!

I got a new camera not too long ago, and I am rather particular about trying to keep my new things looking new. So, I present to you, my new camera case!!


I will admit that I got inspiration from a preexisting pattern, but I just used that to shape the base, then altered the size, colours, and finishing to make it my own. I also added the little backpack to hold batteries and extra memory cards. (I hate how batteries die when you just leave them in the camera, so I take them out when not in use.) The little backpack holds 4AA batteries, the current set, and a backup set. It would be super easy to slide a couple of SD cards in too.

I used worsted weight cotton yarn and an F hook to make this, the case is big enough to hold my Olympus point and shoot camera without being tight. The beads that close it are hung from the top only, I really didn’t want buttons. The star is kind of an improvisation, I got the pattern from googling “crochet star” and using the first video.

If this is something you like, could use, or want to give as a gift, my mutation of the pattern is as follows:


Chain 15 (or however many you need)

Round 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and in the next 12 chains, 2 sc in last chain (15 sc total). Turn piece 180 degrees and work along the back of the foundation chain in the EXACT same way, ending with 2 sc in last chain. (Total of 30 sc in each round) chain 1(acts as first sc in next round)

Round 2: sc around, 30 stitches per round, ss in the first stitch to complete the round, chain one (acts as first sc in next round).

Rounds 3+: same thing. change colours whenever you want to, and do as many rounds as needed to cover your item.


At the end of the last round sc 24, chain 1 and turn

Row 1: Now working in rows, sc in next 15 stitches, chain 1, turn.

Row 2: sc 2 together at beginning and end of each row (decrease made) (13 sc total), chain 1, turn.

Row 3+: sc 2 together at beginning and end of row (decrease made) (11 sc total), chain 1, turn. Continue in this way until there are 3 stitches left, ch 1, turn.

Continue in this way until there are 3 stitches left, ch 1, turn.

Last Row: sc in first st, ss into 2nd stitch, chain 8, ss into same (2nd stitch – that’s your loop), sc in last stitch, fasten off and weave in end.

Add a bead, button, whatever you like to anchor your loop, and away you go!

The mini backpack is the same, but I started with a chain of 7 stitches, and it has no flap, just a loop.

I just attached the pocket at the top and bottom, but it would be super easy to turn the case inside out and sew up the middle, or whatever you like!

Yay! Cute camera (or cell phone, or  whatever you want) cases FTW!!


~ by Trillian on 11/25/2010.

2 Responses to “Lookit how cute!”

  1. A ‘cunning’ camera case! It really is cute!

  2. The colours are a little startling, but the handiwork shows skill and patience. Something tells me you camera would do well for a little insulation this week!


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