My first oil change in Lethbridge!

I hate getting car stuff done. Really hate it. If I could bribe a guy to take my car in, I totally would. Sit a girl behind the wheel of a car, and the guys about to work on it seem to assume that boobs = stupidity. Granted, I know relatively little about cars. I can change a tire. I can check my fluids. Heck, i can even top them up if need be.

So it was with trepidation that I went to get an oil change on Monday, but I’m about to make a 2000 km round trip and I want things to go smoothly. I went to Mr Lube, a national chain here, possibly in the US too, and received possibly the best service I’ve gotten anywhere. And I’m not just talking car service. The guy who was essentially my service adviser was sweet and professional, and called me by name, explained stuff without trying giving me a hard upsell, and was super courteous. He went beyond the norm, noticing that my battery clamp was loose, and tightening it for me, and letting me know that my alternator belt was pretty sketchy, even there was no profit in it for him, since they don’t change my kind of belts there. Being new in town, I gave him a lost look and asked if he could recommend a shop. He couldn’t, but asked around and came up with one.

Honestly, I went in expecting someone to try and dupe me out of more cash than I could afford, and I got fantastic service that I will absolutely seek out the next time my car needs something they do.

If you live in Lethbridge or are passing through, go to the Mr Lube on Mayor Magrath and 3rd. Ask for George. Even if you have boobs, he’ll treat you like a person and take excellent care of you.

Sorry for making this post a plug, but when I get treated so well that I smile all day, I have to let people know.


~ by Trillian on 12/08/2010.

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