New Glasses!!!

Okay, I’m not usually one to pimp products or services, but today I’m making an exception. I wear glasses. I like to look cute while doing so. I don’t want to spend a zillion dollars to do so. So while in the US, I discovered . They’re amazing!

I was skeptical, and the first time I only bought one pair, but the cost ($17.90 including lenses frames, and anti-reflective coating) was too good to resist. And the frames were purple with little crystals! I measured my old glasses for width and the size of the bridge, and the length or the arms. The tricky part was measuring the distance between my pupils. I held a ruler to my eyebrows and took a picture.

So I browsed the really user friendly website, found a frame I liked, and in less than two weeks, I had new glasses that I loved!

I wanted an update, but I love the shape of my old glasses. The website is even better now, and you can even upload a photo and try frames on!!! You can narrow your search by material, size, price, etc. I had so much fun playing with the “try on” feature. You can even compare several pairs side by side. I placed my order on January 17, and they were here on the 26th (though I didn’t get them until today. DHL is not my favourite courier service.) So, from ordering to shipping from China, to my door in 9 days. Woohoo!

Trying them on today, I was sooooo excited! I opted for a girly pair, and a pair of sunglasses. Oh yeah, you can tint the lenses in any frame in a lot of colours. All told, 2 pairs of glasses, coating, tinting, frames, lenses, hard cases, and shipping to Canada…. < $50 CAD. How can you go wrong? And I love them.

And the customer service is amazing. I had a typo in my address, caught it and emailed them, and within the hour, received a reply email. I had trouble tracking my shipment, samd thing. Email, and a response the same day, with links and everything.

Suffice it to say, I love zenni. I have a friend who has a wardrobe of glasses from them, and she loves most of them (some plastic frames have a colour coating, especially if they’re two-toned).

If you or your kid need glasses, go! Just take measurements of your old frames or your face, the dimensions for every frame are right there when you click on the frame.

My first pair are still awesome, though one arm recently required some doctoring at the hinge. After almost 3 years of daily wear, however, that’s not bad.


~ by Trillian on 01/28/2011.

2 Responses to “New Glasses!!!”

  1. Wow! Such a deal! Thanks for the review. And, yeah, they are cute.

  2. That is a pretty good deal at twice the price, particularly if they’re sturdy enough to last. They look good, too.


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