Egads, I broke my brain!

It’s been a while, and I really have nothing tremendously interesting to post, but I have had some random thoughts.

-When your hair is over 2′ long, you will eventually have to give your vacuum cleaner a haircut.

-If you’re already taller than most of the people you’ll see on a given occasion, be careful wearing heels, you may have a spot on the end of your nose that will make you feel self-conscious all day.

-Bathing a small dog is a guilt-inducing activity, especially when he looks up at you as though you have betrayed him and subjected him to the greatest sorrow of his life. Same goes for toenail clipping, except you can expect hysterical cries when you do the front paws, even if you hold a treat in one hand.

– Beware of learning a new, simple song, it just might go from being an enchanting little melody to an earbug that makes you want to self-lobotomize.

– Stop hoping for gas prices to go down. Fill up whenever you can afford it.

– A frozen cell phone might just go straight to voicemail.

– Forgetting your purse in the car for two winter days can lead to all-out panic, and a frozen cell phone.

– There might come a time when you’ll have to decide which is the guiltier pleasure: eating an entire bag of gummy sour peaches, or binging on movies based on video games.

I don’t know if the internet can handle the really odd stuff floating in the miasma surrounding my cerebral cortex (seems my cerebro-spinal fluid is some sort of strange atmosphere for my brain to inhabit). So that’s all for now.


~ by Trillian on 03/02/2011.

3 Responses to “Egads, I broke my brain!”

  1. Maybe you didn’t write about anything earth-shattering, but I like thw way you write.


  2. Well at least there is hope for a frozen cell phone left in a purse in a car as opposed to one that went through the wash!

    If it didn’t survive, may I suggest 10-15 yards with your favorite caliber? ;~)

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