So, I like skin products. I have a zillion lotions, and body washes, and fragrances. I like them a lot. Most of them were gifts, or bought on sale.

A woman I know has been on a quest for a cleanser for her oh so sensitive face. At a local shop she picked up a bar of soap, the virtues of which its seller had long extolled. At the register, the shopkeep said “it’s $24, if you still wanna buy it.” Despite being given an out, the woman bought it.

“It’s really quite nice”, she said to me this afternoon, “it has clay in it and everything!” “Hand made in the Valley”, says she. “By a hippie from under whose fingernails the aforementioned clay was probably extracted”, says I.

$24 for soap, and it’s already got dirt in it.


~ by Trillian on 03/05/2011.

4 Responses to “Soap!”

  1. Some people will buy anything labeled “organic” or “all-natural”. The price is just proof that is good.

    Hmmm… Meyhap I should make soap out of dirt… I could make a fortune!

    • …. erm… perhaps I should hang my head in shame, having just laid out not an insignificant sum for some fantastic Burt’s Bees products. No dirt in em, though.

      Hey, you could use glacier related ingredients, I bet you’d make a fortune!

      • Beeswax and honey aren’t quite the same thing as dirt; but you’re right silt would make for a fine exfoliant.

  2. On the one hand, it is possible that this will work for her skin, and so it is worth the 24 bucks.

    On the other, I laughed at your take on it, you’re probably right about the hippie fingernail bit!


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