Eden Log

I just watched a most unusual movie. I was in the mood for a sci-fi, so I browsed through the titles on my favourite site for finding movies to watch online. Eden Log looked interesting, and indeed it was. Filmed in black and white, with incredible cinematography, with a haunting and surreal feel to it, it is awesome. I highly recommend it.  No big stars. No massively expensive sets. Just a compelling story, the feel of going through the journey with the main character, not just watching, and a definite non-hollywood feel.

I’m not gonna give any more info, for fear of spoilers. Just watch the movie. There are only a couple of mildly grisly scenes, and I didn’t notice any swearing. Probably not the best thing for a family movie night, just because of the obscurity.



~ by Trillian on 03/16/2011.

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