Never Underestimate Small Town America

I live in a city of about 90k, and I like it a lot, but my heart belongs in small-town Montana. I can’t deny it. The wee beast seems to agree, he’s a very happy little dude.

My parents have moved back to the town I used to come to to visit my grandma every summer. And there are new shops and restaurants, coffee shops that serve lattes and slightly artier bookshops. But some things have never, and I hope will never, change.

I had a slice of rather amazing pie yesterday at a restaurant that has been here, virtually unchanged, as long as I can remember. Pine is the dominant material, high backed booths, sturdy tables, a long counter you can sit at. And shelves a couple of feet from the high ceilings that are filled with antiques or just old stuff, rotating throughout the seasons. And the coolest phone booth ever!!! I remember sitting on the padded corner bench, and closing the door that made the pot light in the ceiling go on. There were times I got caught up in my imagination, and had to be ejected to allow someone to make a call. Yes, a functioning phone booth. The Coffee Cup holds no small place in my memories and heart. And Sawdust Pie, FYI, is unbelievable. Imagine non-gooey pecan pie with coconut, the very top chewy and caramel-y.

More to come, I could go on all day.


~ by Trillian on 04/16/2011.

2 Responses to “Never Underestimate Small Town America”

  1. You’ve made an old North Dakota boy smile and feel homesick at the same time!

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