Oh, what a beautiful morning!

This morning, despite my complete non-morning personness, I was glad to be awake and alive. Letting my wee beast out to get in touch with his wild side, I was greeted by a brilliant sunbeam, a gentle warm breeze, and a barrage of birdsong.
I love this place. Looking around at the mountains – purple mountains’ majesty indeed – and seeing the graduation of the sky from brilliant blue to purest white cloud, to every shade of grey, the kind of shower that falls through the sunlight seemingly imminent.
But the songs! Every onomatopoeia was truly fitting! Whistles and warbles, peeps and chirps and squawks.From the simple sweet chatter of a tree full of friendly little neighbours to the long range complex and pure melody that carried and echoed and sounded like it had been composed for the occasion.
Sitting cross-legged on the deck, watching my copper-coloured critter reflect the sun off his sleek coat as he ran through the yard, warm despite the hour and the fact that it’s April, I was so filled with awe and appreciation for this piece of the world.
God is indeed in His heaven, and while all might not always feel right in my world, sometimes I get a sense that it just might be, on a grander scale.

three sisters bitterroot mountainsWhat a sight to see, looking outside, not even having to go anywhere! I love it here!!


~ by Trillian on 04/16/2011.

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