More Lovin for Small Town USA

Went for a drive the other day with the mother figure. Mere minutes from the bustling metropolis of about 7000 people, we found critters to love.

When I was about 6 and lived here, there was a farm within walking distance of our house where a tiny goat would come running to see me whenever I called him. Bright as I was, the best name I could think of for him was “Billy”. But he’d come bounding down the hill to the fence by the road to delicately nibble the carrot sticks I’d carried to him in my little purse. So, I have an appreciation for wee goats. And Mom knew where to find some!

I love the look on their little faces as we approached, I know I’m anthropomorphizing them, but come on, don’t they look like they’re smiling? One of them made me giggle, poking his head through the fence to munch grass. They even put their hooves up on the fence to get closer to us. Happy, chubby little critters with some winter scruffiness goin on, giving them that dashing bedhead look.

This little guy was determined to not be outshone by his companions. notice the dainty hoof on the fence. “I’m trying ever so much harder to win your affections…”

And all three, so sweet. See also the wild Trillmom in her (almost) natural habitat.

This lovely equine had his own huge space next to the wee goats, but when he saw the chance to get some lovin, he came over and did that charming chuckle that horses do. We couldn’t resist. He wasn’t too into being patted, but he did put his soft, warm, velvety nose into the palms of our hands to accept our offerings. Such a sweet, gentle animal, (I’m no expert, so I can’t guess how many hands high he is). A little dusty – now that the snow is gone, it’s dust bath time for horses, I’ve seen quite a few rolling around blissfully. His winter coat was almost entirely gone, and I could tell that after a good grooming, he’ll be magnificent. Though his saddle might be snug after a winter of R and R.

These are just some of the friendly animals whose caretakers have taken the time to socialize. In this community, it would seem strange to pass by without taking a moment to say hi. And the people are as wonderful (for the most part – they *are* human, after all) as their animals. It seems that every living thing is a little more content out here. Including me.


~ by Trillian on 04/18/2011.

One Response to “More Lovin for Small Town USA”

  1. Belatedly, I’m glad you’ve found a good time. I can’t fathom living in a city.


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