Oh, sleep.

A hamster and a hamster wheel

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I love to sleep. Oblivion, and the possibility of dreams, how can I resist? What I hate is the prospect of going to sleep. The dark, the quiet, the hamster that is my mind running on a wheel of futile thoughts. Which leads me to pointless contemplation of how the residence of my personality can be my worst enemy, thwarting my efforts.

I am so tired. My sleep, once I get to it, is plentiful but not restful. And I have to wait, running the hamster on movies, books, audiobooks, anything to drown out the squeak of that infernal wheel.
So I am awake, but not fully conscious, or asleep but not fully resting, or in that horrible limbo, where I either curse my mind and the circles it spins that keep me on edge, or resent the light and sounds that remind me that I have, once again, awakened.

Insomnia. Such fun.


~ by Trillian on 05/09/2011.

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