* nonpareil *

I pronounce words that look French rather frenchly. I would pronounce title of this post “non par eye“.  It seems I have been wrong, Merriam-Webster says the pronunciation is “non par ell“. Which rhymes with some interesting words. Here, then is some found poetry for you: (sorry for the quietness of the video)


Noun: An unrivaled or matchless person or thing.
Having no match or equal; unrivaled

Appenzell, aquarelle, asphodel, Azazel, bagatelle, barbicel, béchamel, brocatelle, Camberwell, caramel, caravel, carousel, cascabel, chanterelle, chaparral, Charles Martel, citadel, clientele, cockleshell, Cozumel, decibel, demoiselle, diving bell, fare-thee-well, fontanel, immortelle, Jezebel, killer cell, kiss-and-tell, lenticel, mangonel, muscatel, ne’er-do-well, Neuchâtel, Neufchâtel, New Rochelle, organelle, oversell, parallel, pedicel, pennoncel, personnel, petronel, Philomel, pimpernel, rebel yell, red blood cell, Sanctus bell, San Rafael, São Miguel, show-and-tell, sickle cell, silver bell, solar cell, tortoiseshell, undersell, villanelle, white blood cell, William Tell, zinfandel


~ by Trillian on 05/20/2011.

2 Responses to “* nonpareil *”

  1. I had NO idea that it was pronounced that way. I’ve always pronounced it totally French. See, I learned something new today! Thanks, Trillian!

  2. p.s.
    Not being pretentious! Honest! Just having fun and giving in to the urges of the Trillmom!

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