New toy! Yay Xoom!

Here in socialist Canada, we have GST, a 5% goods and services tax paid on everything but groceries and a few other things. Based on income, however, GST rebates are given when you file your income tax. Long story short: I didn’t file taxes for a few years. I got decent refunds, paid off my car, and then received a lump sum GST rebate. So, I decided to save half of it and buy myself a present with the other half.

I bought a Motorola Xoom. I had looked at the specs and reviews of the iPad 2, the Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy, and the Xoom. I decided on the Xoom.


Stuff I *love*
Android 3.0 OS (Honeycomb)
Dual core processor
Slightly larger screen than iPad 2
Micro SD Card up to 32 GB (software not released just yet)
Compatibility with Google Docs, allowing for the creation of text docs and spreadsheets, etc
I’m a Google product user, so integrating Gmail, Reader, and search was a pro
iTunes library can be transferred to music player
Looking more tech-savvy than I am by having an Android product instead of an Apple
5.0 MP camera on the back, 2.0 MP in the front
Up to 5 customizable home pages. I’ve got 3 set up so far
Flash compatible
Built-in browser is similar to Chrome
Home icon on touch screen instead of the iPad button (seems minor, I know, but I care)
Longer in use and standby battery life than iPad and some other tablets


Things that I’m willing to put up with:
No Skype video chat yet (Skype’s fault, not Android)
Some Apple apps I like have yet to be adapted for Android
Not as many cool accessories on the market as for iPad
People saying “You’ve got a what?”
No USB charging

There are probably a few more things I don’t completely love, but they’re not springing to mind at the moment.

After spending hours browsing the zillions of free apps, I chose some that have turned out to be really cool, and some that were not my bag. Uninstalling them is super easy. I decided to go for a Zagg InvibleSHIELD screen cover, which has a lifetime guarantee, and to have it installed at the store, since I’m not so good with that kind of stuff. Lifetime guarantee on theĀ application, too. A Targus stylus rounds out the package.

I haven’t paid for any apps yet, but I’m sure that eventually some will catch my eye. FREE ROCK PAPER SCISSORS LIZARD SPOCK!!!!! Sheldon Cooper sound bytes included!!! Oh, and the ridiculous talking critters for iPod/iPad? Got ’em. You can actually check out the Android apps market online to see what’s out there. If you have an account, you can actually use your PC to browse the market and then pick what you want downloaded on your Xoom. Google, I love you.

So, I love my Xoom. It’s fun, lightweight but still feels solid in the hand, makes taking and sharing movies super easy, has lots of memory and is really fast, and is really easy to adapt to my specific preferences.

I’m not the geekiest, but I’ve got enough geek cred to be able to appreciate more than the most superficial aspects of this fun toy. And there’s a lot of support out there in forums. Hmmm… this could be an interesting ice breaker. “Hello sweet geek, I have an Android, can you program stuff?” Add that to the list of positives.

Oh, and I crocheted the coolest case for it, black with a light purple skull stitched on the front, purple edges, and pink lining. Cute, and squishy enough to be a bit protective. Pic to follow, I just washed it to block it into the perfect shape.

The Trill is a very happy girl.







~ by Trillian on 06/10/2011.

One Response to “New toy! Yay Xoom!”

  1. so, when do we get to see a pic of your cool crocheted case, hmmm? i mean, i’ve seen it in person, but such elaborate coolness should be shared among The Following….. – A.C.

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