Squee! Lookit what I made!!

My beloved friends and neighbours P&J are moving to Montreal this month, and taking with them the bump that will be Baby PJ at the end of August. I am greatly saddened by this. Over the last 14 months, I have grown to love them, to look forward to coming home, knowing that they are there, even if we don’t hang out every day, their presence makes this house my home. I think I’m grieving the loss already.

But I know that they are on to an exciting stage in their lives, grad school for J and the wee babe!!! And, thanks to the miracle of Skype and Facebook, they really won’t be far away. Anyway, the point of the post is that I made Baby PJ the most darling little bear hat. I found the pattern online, but made a couple of changes, the roll brim, the shape of the ears, and the tightness of the stitches, which is kind of my trademark. My hats tend to hold their shape on their own, but soften up after being handled, rolled, squished, and worn. I am optimistic that with some breaking in, this will look epically cute on the wee one. Sadly, holding it up to the bump that is Baby PJ gives no accurate indication of fit, though it is giggle-worthy. I’m going to make a couple more, in different textures, some softer, some with looser stitches, and in different sizes. Stay tuned for new pics!


~ by Trillian on 07/13/2011.

One Response to “Squee! Lookit what I made!!”

  1. OK, that’s just cute!

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