The Rent is Too Damn High

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I cannot get enough of Songify This on YouTube. Serious genius, and proof that Autotune is the real source of the abilities of a heckuva lot of “singers” out there. But for real, these are some awesomely talented people with a sense of humour that totally kills me. But I get the Charlie Sheen song stick in my head every time I hear it.

And some people might take offense at their treatment of epic moments in history, when they take speeches from Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, and JFK and modify them. But I think that anything that anyone does to keep those messages intact in the public consciousness is a good thing. How better to get the truth of those profound moments ingrained in the minds of the people who need them than by making songs out of them? I love this one:

Ask not what your country can do for you
What your country can do for yooooo
For yoooooo
Ask what you can do for your country
Ask not what America will do for you
What America will do for yooooo
For yooooo
But what together we can do
For the freedom of man

To those people in the huts and villages
Across the globe
We pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves
For whatever period is required
Not because the Communists may be doing it
Not because we seek their vote
But because it is right

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor
It cannot save the few who are rich
All this will not be finished
In the first 100 days
Nor will it be finished
In the first 1,000 days
Nor even perhaps in our lifetime
But let us begin

The world is very different now
The torch has been passed
To a new generation of Americans
A new, a new generation of Americans
Let every nation know
That we shall pay any price
Bear any burden, meet any hardship
To assure the survival of liberty


Let us go forth to lead the land we love
Asking His blessing
And His help
But knowing that here on Earth
God’s work must truly be our own

Full transcript & video of the speech here:


* nonpareil *

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I pronounce words that look French rather frenchly. I would pronounce title of this post “non par eye“.  It seems I have been wrong, Merriam-Webster says the pronunciation is “non par ell“. Which rhymes with some interesting words. Here, then is some found poetry for you: (sorry for the quietness of the video)


Noun: An unrivaled or matchless person or thing.
Having no match or equal; unrivaled

Appenzell, aquarelle, asphodel, Azazel, bagatelle, barbicel, béchamel, brocatelle, Camberwell, caramel, caravel, carousel, cascabel, chanterelle, chaparral, Charles Martel, citadel, clientele, cockleshell, Cozumel, decibel, demoiselle, diving bell, fare-thee-well, fontanel, immortelle, Jezebel, killer cell, kiss-and-tell, lenticel, mangonel, muscatel, ne’er-do-well, Neuchâtel, Neufchâtel, New Rochelle, organelle, oversell, parallel, pedicel, pennoncel, personnel, petronel, Philomel, pimpernel, rebel yell, red blood cell, Sanctus bell, San Rafael, São Miguel, show-and-tell, sickle cell, silver bell, solar cell, tortoiseshell, undersell, villanelle, white blood cell, William Tell, zinfandel

Runaway Brain!!

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Love it when my brain tries to run away from itself. It had a good go of it this morning while I was making coffee. I was just standing there when  got the familiar and awful feeling of falling backwards while standing up. The stomach-clenching, breath-taking,fear inducing sensation, and the dread of falling forever, without the relief of landing. That feeling wallops me, and I keep making coffee, and one teeny part of my mind starts thinking.

First I thought of how lovely it would be to be an adolescent again, so I could take myself way too seriously, and write and post some angsty poetry with Poe-esque imagery and no capital letters. So then I ruefully laugh at myself, as I did whenever I caught myself doing that as a teen. A few moments pondering imagery as I grind coffee and wait for the kettle to boil, and now I’m picturing holding a piece of fruit, moving it laterally through the air, and pointing at it…

Wait for it…..

Ponder it…

Oh yes. A wave of this (dis) pear. Yeesh.

This is to Mother You

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This is to mother you
To comfort you and get you through
Through when your nights are lonely
Through when your dreams are only blue
This is to mother youThis is to be with you
To hold you and to kiss you too
For when you need me I will do
What your own mother didn’t do
Which is to mother youAll the pain that you have known
All the violence in your soul
All the ‘wrong’ things you have done
I will take from you when I am come
All mistakes made in distress
All your unhappiness
I will take away with my kiss, yes
I will give you tendernessFor child I am so glad I’ve found you
Although my arms have always been around you
Sweet bird although you did not see me
I saw you

And I’m here to mother you
To comfort you and get you through
Through when your nights are lonely
Through when your dreams are only blue
This is to mother you

An old one, but a side of Sinéad that I think should be remembered, an aching, haunting tenderness and her voice that is like no other I have heard. I love this song. And the sweet, playful, joyful embrace between her and Kris Kristofferson – a friend and mentor – makes me smile.

Oh, sleep.

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A hamster and a hamster wheel

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I love to sleep. Oblivion, and the possibility of dreams, how can I resist? What I hate is the prospect of going to sleep. The dark, the quiet, the hamster that is my mind running on a wheel of futile thoughts. Which leads me to pointless contemplation of how the residence of my personality can be my worst enemy, thwarting my efforts.

I am so tired. My sleep, once I get to it, is plentiful but not restful. And I have to wait, running the hamster on movies, books, audiobooks, anything to drown out the squeak of that infernal wheel.
So I am awake, but not fully conscious, or asleep but not fully resting, or in that horrible limbo, where I either curse my mind and the circles it spins that keep me on edge, or resent the light and sounds that remind me that I have, once again, awakened.

Insomnia. Such fun.

More Lovin for Small Town USA

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Went for a drive the other day with the mother figure. Mere minutes from the bustling metropolis of about 7000 people, we found critters to love.

When I was about 6 and lived here, there was a farm within walking distance of our house where a tiny goat would come running to see me whenever I called him. Bright as I was, the best name I could think of for him was “Billy”. But he’d come bounding down the hill to the fence by the road to delicately nibble the carrot sticks I’d carried to him in my little purse. So, I have an appreciation for wee goats. And Mom knew where to find some!

I love the look on their little faces as we approached, I know I’m anthropomorphizing them, but come on, don’t they look like they’re smiling? One of them made me giggle, poking his head through the fence to munch grass. They even put their hooves up on the fence to get closer to us. Happy, chubby little critters with some winter scruffiness goin on, giving them that dashing bedhead look.

This little guy was determined to not be outshone by his companions. notice the dainty hoof on the fence. “I’m trying ever so much harder to win your affections…”

And all three, so sweet. See also the wild Trillmom in her (almost) natural habitat.

This lovely equine had his own huge space next to the wee goats, but when he saw the chance to get some lovin, he came over and did that charming chuckle that horses do. We couldn’t resist. He wasn’t too into being patted, but he did put his soft, warm, velvety nose into the palms of our hands to accept our offerings. Such a sweet, gentle animal, (I’m no expert, so I can’t guess how many hands high he is). A little dusty – now that the snow is gone, it’s dust bath time for horses, I’ve seen quite a few rolling around blissfully. His winter coat was almost entirely gone, and I could tell that after a good grooming, he’ll be magnificent. Though his saddle might be snug after a winter of R and R.

These are just some of the friendly animals whose caretakers have taken the time to socialize. In this community, it would seem strange to pass by without taking a moment to say hi. And the people are as wonderful (for the most part – they *are* human, after all) as their animals. It seems that every living thing is a little more content out here. Including me.

Never Underestimate Small Town America

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I live in a city of about 90k, and I like it a lot, but my heart belongs in small-town Montana. I can’t deny it. The wee beast seems to agree, he’s a very happy little dude.

My parents have moved back to the town I used to come to to visit my grandma every summer. And there are new shops and restaurants, coffee shops that serve lattes and slightly artier bookshops. But some things have never, and I hope will never, change.

I had a slice of rather amazing pie yesterday at a restaurant that has been here, virtually unchanged, as long as I can remember. Pine is the dominant material, high backed booths, sturdy tables, a long counter you can sit at. And shelves a couple of feet from the high ceilings that are filled with antiques or just old stuff, rotating throughout the seasons. And the coolest phone booth ever!!! I remember sitting on the padded corner bench, and closing the door that made the pot light in the ceiling go on. There were times I got caught up in my imagination, and had to be ejected to allow someone to make a call. Yes, a functioning phone booth. The Coffee Cup holds no small place in my memories and heart. And Sawdust Pie, FYI, is unbelievable. Imagine non-gooey pecan pie with coconut, the very top chewy and caramel-y.

More to come, I could go on all day.